About Us

Dr. Stefanie Green is an established medical doctor in Victoria, BC, serving patients throughout Vancouver Island.

Dr. Stefanie Green has over 20 years of experience in maternity and newborn care, and with Gentle Touch Circumcision, has been serving new families and newborns since January 2012.

She is trained in the most current surgical and anesthetic techniques for circumcision, and uses a mogen-style clamp for a quick and comfortable experience. She is proud to offer an infant circumcision clinic as well as the minor pediatric surgery of clipping tongue ties.

Dr. Green is on faculty at the University of Victoria and UBC and serves on several health committees. She has taught about pregnancy, birth, and newborn care to medical students, residents, and practicing colleagues.

For more information about Dr. Green, see StefanieGreen.com

Mission Statement

Dr. Green is dedicated to providing exceptional care without judgment or pressure. She practices a patient-first policy where the patient is respected and empowered and the physician acts as an expert resource and an outstanding care provider.

Dr. Green believes the decision to circumcise one’s infant son is a deeply personal matter as well as a medical one. After immersing herself in the medical literature she believes recent medical research┬ádemonstrates significant, lifelong health benefits to infant circumcision.

Why Choose Dr. Green?

5 Reasons Why Island Parents Choose Dr. Green


Baby Comes First

Dr. Green's priority is the safety and comfort of your son. She uses top of the line medical equipment and a mixture of both short and longer acting anesthetics for great results.

Attentive to Parents

Dr. Green does not rush her patients. She is always happy to take the time to answer any questions parents may have.

The Personal Touch

Dr. Green, not an assistant, will call you personally within 24 hours of the procedure to check on your baby.

In Town/In Case

In town after the procedure, if your son requires attention after the circumcision, he can be seen without delay by Dr. Green as she is readily available at her office in Victoria.

Follow Up

Dr. Green will speak with you the same evening to ensure your son is recovering as expected. You will have access to her email for any follow up questions and an emergency telephone number for urgent needs.

A Personal Note

“All my patients are pregnant women or new mothers and their babies. Through the years, many parents have asked me to circumcise their infant son. I performed my first circumcisions in Montreal in the 1990’s. After researching a wide variety of techniques and approaches, I decided I could provide this service safely, skillfully and in the personalized style my patients expect of me.
I’ve incorporated recent medical advances in my practice and created a method which uses a new nerve block technique (to block pain) and a longer acting anesthetic for improved comfort. I focus on the baby’s safety and comfort. Of course, I also add the individualized touch that moms all over Vancouver Island know me for.
I speak English and French, and play a pretty good game of ice hockey. My children continually teach me how to be a better physician by ensuring I learn to listen, be patient, and recognize everyone for their individuality.
I look forward to seeing you at my office!”
- Dr. Stefanie Green