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Focused on safety, comfort, and personal attention for every family we work with. Proudly serving patients throughout Vancouver Island.

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Our Philosophy

"Whether for medical, personal or religious reasons, parents should feel confident in their choice to circumcise their son. I provide a safe and quick procedure where comfort is a priority. I provide parents with my private cell number, personally speak to each family within 24h and am available to see every baby again in follow up."

About Us

+ Quick and safe technique
+ Effective, long acting pain relief
+ Every family receives personalized attention before and after
+ Dr. Green is a clinical faculty member at the University of Victoria and UBC


Dr. Green is dedicated to providing exceptional care without judgement or pressure. She practices a patients-first policy where the patient is respected and empowered and the physician acts as an expert resource and an outstanding care provider.


Based on the latest medical research, Dr. Green created a method which uses a new pain blocking technique and a longer acting anesthetic involving four layers of relief. Her technique is paired with 20 years of maternity experience, maximizing comfort and quality of care.


Studies in the last 20 years have shown significant health benefits from infant male circumcision. We feel parents should be well informed and be respected for whichever choice they make. Here is a selection of the latest scientific news that parents may like to read.

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