Dr. Stefanie Green, M.D.
   Focused on Safety, Comfort and Personal Attention

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"Whether for medical, personal or religious reasons, parents should feel confident in their choice to circumcise their son. I provide a safe and quick procedure where comfort is a priority. I provide parents with my private cell number, personally speak to each family within 24h and see every baby again in follow up."

                             - Dr. Stefanie Green, M.D.
                               Gentle Touch Circumcision Clinic

      About Us
  • Quick and Safe Technique
  • Effective, Long Acting Pain Relief
  • Every family receives personalized attention before and after
  • Dr. Green is a clinical faculty member
    University of Victoria and UBC



Based on the latest medical research, Dr. Green created a method which uses a new pain blocking technique and a longer acting anesthetic Lidocaine, also known as xylocaine, is a common short-acting anesthetic. Marcaine, also known as bupivacaine, is a longer-acting anesthetic. They act by blocking the generation and the conduction of nerve impulses. for improved comfort.



Dr. Green uses a scientific approach which she applies with a gentle touch. Here is a selection of the latest scientific news that parents may like to read.


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Dr. Stefanie Green
1964 Fort Street - Unit 326 (3rd floor)
Victoria, BC   V8R 6R3
Tel: (250) 592-4710

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